Who I Am

Ernani Fornari has been a yoga teacher , yoga therapist and a massage teacher and therapist since 1996 ; and a Fogo Sagrado teacher and therapist since 2003.

He created the Cosmic Breathing therapy - an integration of the science of Yoga Pranayama, the Holotropic Breathing by S.Grof and the Rebirth by L.Orr ; and created the Quantic Touch - an integration of Ayurvedic massage, Indian chiropractic and Spiritual massage.

He's been working both in Brazil and Europe since 2003 as a Fogo Sagrado therapist and teacher.

He is a musician and recorded 4 CDs with mantras from India, Afro-Brazilian music, North and South American native songs and traditional Brazilian country and folk songs.

He lived for 20 years in the mountains near Rio de Janeiro, and wrote 7 books about Ecology, Vegetarian Food and Organic Agriculture.

Currently he is writing a book about Fogo Sagrado and another one about Yoga.